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Aug 16, 2013 7:30pm PDT
, voters important to barack obama, voting right issues to latinos, african-americans. she's hitting all the right buttons here. to watch this event it was interesting because she even -- her people were looking at who was in the audience. newsome was in there to watch the speech. shows she got the figures out there and the people out there looking at who she needs to contact, i think, for future run. >> clearly she's got a lot of women excited. forget the process of the first female president. however, women were excited in '08 and she lost that time to barack obama. is she taking a page out of the obama playbook this time? she's going after the millenials, trying to lay down her social media very early. >> absolutely. here's the difference. i talked to a lot of people in silicon valley about hillary clinton. about a year ago no she may be old news, now they are saying look we're on board with her. she's got to get the same bright young people that obama had to run that campaign. none of the old guard. the people that failed her the last time around. this has to be a new campaign with a
Aug 23, 2013 7:30pm PDT
have of them or shop owners have of them or as president obama said, the doors that lock as they walk by. that's a very different life that they lead than, say, a latina female. her issues that land her at the bottom of the achievement gap are very different. so looking at this, what they call targeted universalism, is trying to identify the needs of these kids. so it's jobs. it's confidence. it's mentors. it's role models. it's father of coursefigures. giving them those things that they need as african-american males is what the district is trying to do now and that is very different than the no child left behind approach of, okay, just throw money at everyone at the bottom of the achievement gap and see what happens. >> let me ask you about that. for people who look at black boys in particular and feel like they basically are staring frankly into a black hole, they have absolutely no idea what the cultural issues are, no idea where to begin in terms of rendering help, what have you found, if you had one key for everyone who has to deal with african-american boys on any level to brea
Aug 2, 2013 7:30pm PDT
human services. running. president obama has an anti-trafficking initiative heave is pushing nationwide. the kids who were already vulnerable are targeted by pimps. these are kids who may not have enough to eat. they didn't have a stable environment. shear promi they're promised stability and love they can't get. get lured on to the street. so-called boyfriend. and get stuck. a lot off dikts. this is a very hard population to serve. they're angry. -- a lot of addiction. this is a very hard population to serve. they're angry. addicted. prematurely sexualized. doesn't have stability in their family. >> go to the criminal justice, they get centered again. >> the legislation that would change the way the victims are helped dealt with. right now if you treat them like criminals and go to jail. bah the entry age is 12. that's not acknowledging the fact that they're children. they're of the age of consent. senator yi's proposal, legislation, its to treat them as victims and make sure that -- that legally as well -- and there was a number of services. on the fbi bust, this weekend, got to ask.
Aug 9, 2013 7:30pm PDT
to getting any kind of waiver from the federal government, from the obama administration. so these districts basically got together and said, look. we represent 20% of the california population. we are going to create our own system. we are going to now, police ourselves so it isn't the state sort of over them and the federal government over that. but we're going to police ourselves. we're going to judge schools and look at schools, evaluate schools, using all sorts of things. test scores? sure. but also what are parents, teachers and students think of their school? they're going to look at suspension rates. they're going to look at attendance rates. they're going to look at so many different things and the superintendents from the districts say it will be much, much better. but stlae road block they still have to get the union buy-in as well. they didn't have to have it prior to the wave irks but they may -- they will at some point have to stlat in order -- what are unions saying about that at this point? what's the feeling? >> the california teach. association quickly put out a press relea
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)